Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Imperial Bedrooms

The Imperial Bedrooms are the subject of The Easton Author's latest book (June 2010), the sequel to Less Than Zero. However there was an imperial bedroom never mentioned in his chronicle of Camden college, The Rules of Attraction- the one The Handsome Dunce entered in the Fall of 1985.

Read about it soon in The Handsome Dunce's own novel, The Fall of 1985, a misreading of The Easton Author's false chronicle.

Until then try out The Imperial Bedroom Within the Ratio.


The Ratio: 3 to 1 girls to guys at Camden in The Fall of 1985.

The Easton Author left The Handsome Dunce out of the sequel Imperial Bedrooms as a vendetta to keep the imprint in the mind of his readers and my worldwide fans the 'Blond-tan-good-body-stupid-goon' image that has followed me since the release of The Rules of Attraction in 1987.

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